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Hungry Dragon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.6 Latest Version – Download this version of Hungry Dragon to unlock your favorite dragons and infinite revival. The download link for the modded Hungry Dragon Apk has been provided on the download page. So download this mod version and enjoy the gameplay better!

If you enjoy Hungry Shark, you will find this game unfilled, exciting, and suitable for those who like to play leisure games. Hungry sharks and Hungry Dragon have lots of similarities. Here you will take control of ferocious dragons to unleash their fury, fly, burn and eat everything in their way. There are a lot of unique locations, villages, and forests which you can explore through the course of the game.


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Unleash fiery fury from above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic flying action game where everything and everyone is on the menu! Ubisoft Entertainment developed this funny game, gaining over 10 million downloads on Playstore. Its game success can be traced back to its running and engaging gameplay which caught gamers’ attention.

If you are searching for an exciting game to help you relax after a hectic day, you need to check this game out. In this game, you must control the giant dragons and eat everything. Fly, burn, and eat through a medieval world packed with legends, monsters, and deliciously unsuspecting prey! You will unlock up to 10 unique dragons during the curse of this game. You can also make your dragon more special with the help of customization options.

Powerful creatures like dragons are also prone to some inflictions. In Hungry Dragon, not everything is edible. There are poisonous spiders and plants around. Also, remember to keep away from mine when you see one. Dodge it immediately. Don’t forget to upgrade your dragons to make them stronger. Download Hungry Dragon MOD to get unlimited money to purchase different in-game items.

Hungry Dragon Features


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Collect gold coins – You also come across gold coins as you eat creatures. Try to collect as many of them as possible to unlock other dragons in this game. Also, the more you eat, the faster your dragon will evolve.

Different types of dragons – The game offers only one or two but up to 10 species of dragons. Each dragon is as unique as the stars in the universe. They have different colors and species, and they look different too.

Intuitive control scheme – In this game, you don’t have to worry about elaborate control schemes. Hungry Dragon offers easy controls with a control button to direct your dragon. Then you tap the power button to activate the dragon’s skills, such as fire breathing. After that, it’s’ up to you to steer your dragon to catch multiple prey at once and go on a fire-breathing rampage.

Stunning Graphics – Your dragon is the show’s star in Hungry Dragon. Each dragon is crafted perfectly, showing its glorious movements in 3D. The background and other elements enhance the game’s overall aesthetic, pleasing the eyes. Some effects will leave you speechless, such as the fire and other things.

Evolve and customize your dragons – In true gaming fashion, you can also customize your dragon costumes. These don’t affect your gameplay, but they add a bit of a flare.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money – You have a lot of money from the start of this game. You don’t need to accumulate rewards before purchasing items.

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Hungry Dragon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.6

The download link for Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited Money Latest version has been provided on the download page. Download this modified version to enjoy unlimited money during gameplay.


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