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Download Pokémon UNITE Apk (Official) For Android to enjoy interesting MOBA Gameplay. Go on 5v5 matches and destroy your enemy’s towers! Experience a new kind of Pokémon battle in Pokémon UNITE.
The Pokemon Company
March 2, 2021
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Pokémon UNITE Apk is a new game jointly developed by The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios of Tencent Games. The full official version of this game is currently in development but you can download the Pokémon UNITE version if you wish to explore the game.

Pokémon UNITE Apk

Introducing Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is a team strategy game where players can team up to fight in 5vs5 battles. The gameplay is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) based which happens to be many PVP lover’s favorites. As we’ve mentioned, the full version of this game is yet to be released and this current BETA version is only available in the Canadian region. So if you wish to play this game and you are not from Canada, you have to download it from third-party app stores like ladmods.

However, Pokémon UNITE is an online multiplayer game with zero chance of offline play. If you like playing Pokémon games, you did realize that most of their games are either RPG or casual. But now that MOBA games have become popular, every developer wants to join the moving train. Well, it is such a good idea since MOBA games are now dominating the mobile gaming scene today. Especially the action game category.

Pokémon UNITE Gameplay

In this game, you will team up with other players and go head to head against your opponent’s team. Each team comprised 5 players, the goal is to beat Pokemon to score points before the allocated time runs out. Aside from this, there are several other activities in this game such as catching wild Pokémon, leveling up, and developing your Pokémon.

Pokémon UNITE Apk 5v5

The gameplay looks simple at first but you will get to complex aspects where the difficulty increases. Team spirit and strategy are required to scale through this stage.

Key Features of Pokémon Unite

As said earlier, Pokémon Unite is a brand new MOBA  jointly developed by The Pokémon Company and Chinese developer Tencent. The game is planned to be released on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Here are some features you should expect.

Pokémon UNITE Apk gameplay

Cross-platform game

According to the information released by the developer, Pokémon Unite will be available for several devices including Nintendo Switch. That means players between different platforms can play together. For example, a player on an Android phone can team up or play against players on Nintendo Switch or IOS and vice versa.

Unique gameplay

Pokémon has immensely become popular during the last decade, thanks to the release of Pokémon Go which garnered millions of fans around the world. Pokémon is known for an RPG or casual gameplay but Pokémon Unite is different. Pokémon Unite comes with MOBA gameplay and this is their first game in this genre. So, if you are a Pokémon fan, expect something different in this game.

MOBA map

The map in Pokémon UNITE is inspired by popular MOBA games like Mobile Legends. The map is split into two sides, each with five points, matching the team’s five positions. These points are like targets that need to be defended, so don’t let the opponent approach them. If not, they’ll score and win!

Download Pokémon UNITE Apk (Official) For Android

There are other features of this game you will like to explore. So download Pokémon UNITE Apk via the download link provided below. Pokémon UNITE is not available in other regions except Canada but due to popular demand, we’ve made the game available for everyone. We hope the developers will permit this.

Descargar Pokémon UNITE Apk 0.3.0 (Official)


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